Folklore: Vlasta - the Maw

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Folklore: Vlasta - the Maw

Postby Kilaana » Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:20 pm

The main tributary to Lake Vlasta is Drake's river. This river is only three miles long, but it springs in great force from the cliffs of the Earthspurs, more than a hundred feet wide, at its very source.

The locals tend to explain this by a lively legend of Maragwim who had imprisoned the water dragon under the cliff, hence the source of all that water. Some say you can hear - if you come to the caves under the cliffs - the mighty breath of the captured beast. Others speculate in hushed whispers about things found on river's shores.

Nothing like this could describe more the average Impilturan's love of fanciful folktales. For a culture so reserved and polite, that the taller the tale, the better it is to pass down to generations.
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