Folklore: The King's Crown

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Folklore: The King's Crown

Postby Kilaana » Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:25 pm

From "Travels in the North and East - The Lands of Subhumans" by Yvdraw Sagat, Yhaunn, 1349:
While traveling the west hills of Impiltur, in the village Of Vlasta, I have heard the the most dread filled tales of a certain hillock in the nearby bog. Degenerate peasants that populate and pollute these eastern lands are superstitious lot. And in this case, the stories, as it is a custom with such things, involve people who, for one reason or another, were found on the top of this small hill, in rather dismembered condition.

There are numerous stories, about the people the teller knew in his lifetime, and each involves different men and is more gruesome then the last.

I have no doubt that the bog is filled with dangers. I also know that it is the common for such half human lot, as these people are, to expose their elder and unwanted, malformed children made through the inbred unions these, so called, people have, to the elements and beasts on some distant locations.

This only shows how lucky we are to live in such well organized and civilized lands. It is pity that these reaches are inhabited by such creatures, not even fit to be the slaves... I do hope these examples of their savagery would sway the minds of the Council regarding the exploration and the use of resources that could be find here.
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