Folklore: Easting Wilds - Broken Dreams

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Folklore: Easting Wilds - Broken Dreams

Postby Kilaana » Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:36 pm

South of Sarshel, half a mile west of the road, in the copse of trees, there are still visible ruins of a castle. Local people avoid going there, though no one knows who once ruled here or the name of the fort.

Local folktales mention demons that screech in night and steal the souls of unwary travelers, warring wizards and lords and their ladies, but the most would agree that ruin has little value, as whatever could have been pilfered from there already was. Stones were mostly picked up and used in Outentown and Sarshel, no doubt. There is no game, no pastures worth grazing, and there are more secluded and secured places to rest near the road.

During the Interregnum, petty lords, landed nobility and city nobles and merchant families all fought for supremacy. All the gains could be lost within a month, as the Tempus and Tymora's favors switched and the wars were erupting all around once unified land.

Most of the records were lost, but some still stand, and a single page containing the records of payment for men-at-arms and Sarshel militia can be found, with several companies included, some 200 men “of good standing”, who all seem to took part in an attack during “the most evil hour of pitch dark night at troublesome fort, saving the name of our fair city and, with Tyr's grace, defeated the most evil and black hearted enemy of all honest men.”
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