Server Event: Netuschka & Netuschka's Travelling Show [Concluded]

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Server Event: Netuschka & Netuschka's Travelling Show [Concluded]

Postby Kilaana » Mon Nov 16, 2015 10:15 pm


Following recent rumours (Week 24), a travelling circus has made its way through the Farwater with a collection of exotic creatures. A few of them are even said to speak. A flyer or two has been pinned to the gates of Sarshel announcing the dates and directions to the site.

Event Notes:
This is a semi-persistent event organized by Loreweaver and Kilaana. This means that the event site will persist for the duration of the period noted above, so that players are free to visit and leave the site whenever the event is actively happening. Some activities are planned around the site but may not occur every day, depending on DM scheduling. The aim is to provide a new, semi-persistent location for a limited time for PCs to gather and interact in. It requires no time commitment on anyone's part. One or two DM side quests are expected to be explored further during this time, although this will depend on who shows up.

This is a heavy-RP event and very little dungeoneering should be expected to come out of it.

Player Level and Group Size:
All players are welcome to visit the location for the duration of its availability.

From Outentown, take the Royal Road south until you arrive at Holmwich Vale. Leave the road to head west and enter the Marshwood Clearing.

Should your PC arrive at the camp before the event start date, there will be few NPCs to interact with, but you may freely assume that the performers are busy setting up camp.

See you there!
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