Door Opening Bug

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Door Opening Bug

Postby SpiralBright » Sun Oct 10, 2021 5:44 am

One of my characters has a rented property at Sarshel: City Square - Courtyard where there is a door and door transition to enter Sarshel: City Square - 3 Scepter's Court.

Recently the door to the property has been opening after some time despite being closed and locked after leaving. This has been happening for some reason for the past few days and I store valuable items at the property while away in-game but not away IRL due to the current persistent storage bug--the door does close non-key holders in after a few seconds, so people might end up stuck inside the zone.

People have stumbled into the property in the past, possibly with the door being opened despite being closed and locked but luckily I was around to get them out. Also, I believe the door doesn't close in Sarshel: City Square - Courtyard if I don't exit and close it myself. It only closes on one side, maybe.
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