Forgotten Ruins Transitions

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Forgotten Ruins Transitions

Postby Highlander » Mon Jun 27, 2022 9:02 pm

This may be a bit spoilerish with area names...

Came across some confusing transitions trying to leave Royal Plains - Forgotten Ruins. Entered the area at the north from Easting Fens - Branching River, and when immediately retracing steps back through the same transition ended up at Southern Foothills - Springs. Going immediately back into Forgotten Ruins, ended up at the west entrance, and when going immediately back through that trasnsition ended up at Royal Plains - Creekswerve. Another double back, and was at the southern entrance to Forgotten Ruins, and a final double back led to the same entrance to Creekswerve (north) as the west exit from Forgotten Ruins did.

Could not get any way to double back to Branching River; did go round the exits a couple of times just to try and clarify what the pattern was, but that's probably as confusing to read as it was to experience ;)
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