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For quests and stories told between DM and player, strictly offline with IC consequences.
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About this forum

Postby Kilaana » Fri Sep 08, 2017 3:47 pm

The purpose of this forum is to provide a place where quests and storylines can be explicitly told without the use of the DM client. This means that the entirety of the RP will be done on the forum, and there are no parts that need to be completed in-game. The full story is begun and finished offline, but the consequences and rewards of these tales will be reflected as though they had been played out in-game.

There are a few reasons for this forum:
  • Some DMs may not be comfortable with the DM client and the stress of online DMing. This gives them another option by which they can still fulfill their roles.
  • Forum DMing also allows inactive or time-constrained DMs to hold their own quests, supplements online activity and creates great forum buzz.
  • Whilst it is expected that not all players are regular forum-goers, the consequences that can surface in-game may still create a point of interest for those who spend more time in the game than checking the forum.
  • Roleplay is also not constrained to what is visible in-game. PCs have the opportunity to travel to locations that are part of Impiltur's map (and also beyond), but are not currently present in-game.
Points to note:
  • With IC forum DMing, the appropriate skillchecks and rolls are applicable and at the discretion of the presiding DM(s).
  • Offline DMing will not replace online DMing, it is merely an alternative for those who are unable to be more active online but still wish to be part of the TER scene.
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