Slight attribute change

Request changes to your character which cannot already be done with your selection tool & in-game commands.
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Slight attribute change

Postby Hungry4Crow » Wed May 01, 2019 9:17 pm

Hello to the gods of TER

I am posting to request a slight attribute change. Lana started out with an 11 dex and a 10 int. But unfortunately due to my foolishness she lost a point of int. She was never meant to be stupid just average if not even clever. Can I possibly move a point from dex to int? Making them both into 10s? Pretty please :)

Hey while we are at it can we ding Ox for a point of both intelligence and wisdom? I wanted to make him dumber from the beginning but you have to put the points somewhere. I suppose they could go into constitution. But really I just want his stats to reflect his imbecility.

Thanks Crow

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