Aubre Favro: Feat Swap, Skill Rank change.

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Aubre Favro: Feat Swap, Skill Rank change.

Postby Talisman » Sun May 09, 2021 12:24 am

The day I made Aubre, I did little real planning on her future or concept. I already had so many characters that I just made another one to support newer players on their adventures as we were booming with them at the time. I originally intended just a super simple, cozy and homey healer girl that would only get pulled out for new players. Her background was a footnote, and I was fine with that until I wasn't. I've become a lot more invested in her story and as a result her goals and aspirations have become more defined. Her current IC goal is to get herself into the Knights of Imphras, so I'm real interested in changing her up to suit not just that end, but also to grow her into her own skin. She's developed a personality and propensity for the martial that has sort of left her aimless build behind and although it works I would like to re-align the two again. This boils down to making some feat changes and changing some skill ranks so that she can take a level of Triadic Knight at level 8.

Current Feats: Heavy Armor Proficiency (lvl 1), Martial Weapon Prof. (lvl1), Extend Spell (lvl 3), and Craft Wand (lvl 6.)

Proposed Feats: Martial Weapon Prof. (lvl 1), Extend Spell (lvl 1), Weapon Focus (lvl 3), Power Attack (lvl 6).

Then I need to move three skill points into Knowledge: Religion by lvl 7.

Alternatively, I can just drop her down to lvl 6, swap Craft Wand for Weapon Focus, re-do her skill at that lvl and lvl 7, and get Triadic Knight at 8 and just get Cleave or something for the Bonus Feat. I don't really care about power attack/Divine Might, just thought it would be cool flavor in combat and haven't at all used her heavy armor proficiency.

I'm not going to be too burnt by a no here, it's not like her current build doesn't work just fine! I just think it'd be rad to roleplay a bonafide Triadic Knight, which is what she already plays like in RP! :D

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Re: Aubre Favro: Feat Swap, Skill Rank change.

Postby OldGrouch » Sat May 15, 2021 10:38 am


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