Animal Empthy Disengage

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Animal Empthy Disengage

Postby Krivoklat » Sun Dec 27, 2020 6:35 pm

Currently when you dominate a creature then release it, the creature immediately attacks you.

but there is also a distance limit on how far away you can be from a creature in order to release it... so if you want to release it somewhere so it can go about its business and you go about yours, and the area is very cramped, etc.. it is very hard to do this.

I would like to suggest that the act of releasing an animal companion should keep it 'neutral' for 10 seconds before going back to it's hostile ness.

And then while this state of neutral is in effect... you cannot re-acquire/dominate successfully until the neutral reverts back to it's hostile state.

(To prevent releasing dangerous creatures only to redominate them while they are passive/non-aggressive)

This would allow a chance for party members to get clear, or make sure folk are beyond the safety line of releasing the creature..

especially in tight quarters where you want to release the creature and then go through a transition... the creature doesn't move towards the transition, creating a dangerous situation for the NEXT adventure to go through that transition... there isn't a critter there waiting to eat them.
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