Entheo's Ideas Compendium

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Entheo's Ideas Compendium

Postby Entheogen » Sun Sep 19, 2021 5:06 am

This is as much for myself to keep track, as for others to discuss and weigh in.

1) Area Access
You know how we need rope to access certain areas? What about adding more items like that?
  • Mountain passes that require climbing spikes/kit?
  • Collapsed tunnels that can only be cleared with picks.
  • Doors with no handle that need a crowbar to open.
  • Underground sea that requires a compass to navigate. See Glimmersea below.
  • Dungeons that require keys (one time or otherwise) to access.
(Keys to be found in random loot or other dungeons like a progressing series/mini-stories.)

2) Area Access Cont. (Class/Race)
A different branch of the same idea, what about classes/races having special access?
  • Ranger Trails, shortcuts that only they can find.
  • Fey Crossroads / Backroads for Druids/Elves. (Maybe Bards and Sorcerers with Fey Heritage)
  • Secret Dwarven Tunnels that only the smaller races can fit in, but only Dwarves can find.
  • Inactive portals that can only be operated by Wizards of sufficient power AND require special components.

3) Area Ideas
Where to build next?
  • Laviguer Road Expansion leading toward Laviguer / Vordric Dun.
  • The Upland wilds (North / Northeast of Vlasta).
  • Lake Vlasta Island.
  • Easting Coast south towards Hlammach.
  • Glimmersea, beneath the Long Dark into the Deep Dark, with its own challenges and unique aspects.
  • The "Deep Dark" a few special high risk areas where the Long Dark descends deeper than usual aka Crystal Caves.
  • Expand the Earthfast/Earthspurs.

4) Creature Ideas
Potential new creatures to encounter.
  • Frost Giants. Perhaps hidden behind a new climbing spike area in the far reaches of the mountains.
(Long have Ogres been the big baddie of TER. Now something to freeze the blood of any hardened adventurer. Get squashed!)
  • Illithid lair in the Deep Dark. Don't let them suck your brains out.
  • Aboleths to inhabit regions of the Glimmersea.

5) Item Ideas
  • A book or item that simulates the feat ritual magic that is expendable and must be replaced like the identifier tool. Mages only.
  • Some partial items that need to be hunted down in order to repair / combine them into a useable full item.
  • A wizard staff that is unique to PC (extremely high crafting/buying cost?) and cannot be dropped/traded with 1/day sequencer.

6) Systems / Overhaul Ideas
  • Update the camping system to require survival checks + camping supplies to make rest areas functional.
(Above ground don't require firewood. Below ground do require firewood.)
(Allow PCs to share a bedroll/tents but make them have a durability potentially? (Goldsinks yay!))
  • Heavy armor should come with a minor movement speed penalty, as well as great shields.
  • Expand poison availability, hidden merchant?
  • Environmental damage in certain areas. (cold, fire, poison, etc.)

To Be Continued...
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Re: Entheo's Ideas Compendium

Postby Kerstman » Wed Sep 29, 2021 7:04 pm

3) Area Ideas

Since the beginning days of TER I have dreamt of the Dwarven City of Earthfast being IG. Having said that, I totally understand the team at the moment is understaffed, there are many other priorities and in recent years the builders have done an astonishing job at adding new content that is not Earthfast. Still, I'd love this particular new content. Also it'd be my wish that not just anyone can enter, instead there are some racial requirements. Think dwarf and possibly gnome. Other races can enter only following a dwarven (or gnome) friend. To those who have seen it: think of how Fenn Rynn was on TWI.

6) As for heavy armours. For me the movement penalty does not need to be mandatory for all heavy armor wearing PC's. Also a splint mail is something different than a full plate. In my opinion CON is the most underplayed stat overall. Wearing the heavy armor (and possibly) carrying a tower shield should come with a STR AND CON requirement to not have any penalties. One can think of 12 CON/STR for splint/banded mail. 13 CON / STR for half plate and 14 CON / STR for full plate. Not meeting this requirement should reduce movement speed by 5% per point that falls short. Counting both STR and CON. Or perhaps if the CON difference is more than 2 running should be disabled altogether, regardless of carrying capacity. For instance wearing full plate with 10 or 11 CON. It may be hard to script, but just putting my thoughts out here. Ofcourse you could add that carrying a tower shield raises both STR and CON requirements by another point, making it 15/15 when using a full plate. There is a reason Leopold hardly runs in full plate with 12 CON and 15 STR. It's not just because he's an old sod and I like to avoid AOO's :) There ofcourse is the thing that if this change is implemented it will retroactively affect several heavy armour builds whose players were not aware of these penalties when they made their characters. With that in mind I'd say leniency regarding LETO requests is a good idea.
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Re: Entheo's Ideas Compendium

Postby Krivoklat » Thu Sep 30, 2021 4:35 am

I agree about the armor thing.

I was on Arelith when they instituted a 5% movement penalty for wearing medium and heavy armor, and also applying it to Small Races (and dwarves) --this rule is great for table top PnP D&D. It sucked in NWN.

What I would much rather see is a speed BOOST to EVERYONE that applies to RUNNING only. --walking remains the same speed.

This speed boost would be 10% and it would need to be activated a number of times equal to 5 + Con Modifier and would last 1 turn for characters in Heavy Armor, 2 turns for characters in Medium Armor, and 5 turns for characters in Light/No armor.

It would be the equivalent of a CHARGE... or a FLEE.

At the end of the duration, your character can ONLY walk (no running) for an amount of time equal to 5 - Con Modifier Turns... but not being less than 1 turn

--I know that on Arelith there is a thing that you can activate that will disable RUN to make you "always walk" -Whatever it is that they do to achieve this, I think that would be the thing that happens.

The other thing I'd like to see happen is the WALK speed for Monk and Barbarian be eliminated. THey should keep their RUN speed bonus the same, but simply WALKING ... everyone should walk the same speed. (--I would be okay if it were a toggle but I'd never use it. I'd always keep it active.)
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Re: Entheo's Ideas Compendium

Postby Highlander » Sat Oct 09, 2021 1:43 pm

A couple of suggestions I've probably flung out before, but good to have a dedicated thread:

1) Area access - some benefit to being able to fly! So a transition across a chasm or the like that allows access to flying shapes. I know I have had some great DM event porting of polymorphed Lori, but something without DM intervention as ever would be welcomed.

3) Area Ideas - loved the idea of this place - In the upper Deep Wastes lie the half-submerged ruins of the city of Multum. The residents of this multicultural trade city were drowned in 1304 by evil outsiders that conjured a deluge of water from the Elemental Plane of Water. Now blind cave fish swim through Multum's wide avenues, and dark shapes float behind the drowned silhouettes of once-mighty buildings. The vaults of dead traders promise riches to any who dare to face the unquiet spirits of the former owners. https://www.realmshelps.net/faerun/unde ... eons.shtml

Other stuff - more polymorph options, not necessarily with the power benefits of the existing shapes, but there for rp - if you can turn into a troll, can you not turn into a cat?
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Re: Entheo's Ideas Compendium

Postby Aethereal » Thu Oct 21, 2021 5:15 am

2) Area Access Cont. (Class/Race)
A special dwarf-only workshop/smithy somewhere in their secret homeland. Where they can bring resources and craft their own weapons and equipment including throwing axes and equally less commonly available commodities (this would provide the option for dwarves to be traders of exotic wares to the surface races/Impiltur helping them fulfill their unique niche in society/the setting and supporting their racial characterisation.)

This does not need to be a mechanical crafting system but can function as easily as a special store where dwarves can bring resources (ores, wood, even skins/furs etc) for store credit which allows them to then purchase aforementioned exclusively dwarven items.

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