Instructors who teach Crafting Feats in-game for a fee.

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Instructors who teach Crafting Feats in-game for a fee.

Postby Aethereal » Sat Sep 25, 2021 3:54 am

This is an idea I've seen utilised on another server and I think it may be suitable for TER as an option especially since I've heard some new gold sinks are a desirable addition for the playerbase.

NPCs who teach PCs crafting feats in return for a hefty fee. Examples:

The Scribe in Sarshel starts offering (specifically to caster classes besides Wizards and possibly excluding druids) instruction on the art and technique of inscribing spell formulae or religious calligraphy granting the the feat 'Scribe Scroll' in return for 7,500cp.

The Priestess at the Temple of the Triad offers lessons on bottling divine tinctures to fellow priests for a sum of 5,000cp if they're of triadic faith, or 6000cp if they're of other faith (besides the outlawed of course) granting the 'Brew Potion' feat to them.

The Enchanted Emporium raises an offer of tuition to fellow arcanists (wizards & sorcerers) on the intricacies of artifice so long as they can afford it: charging 15,000cp in return for the 'Craft Wand' feat.

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